Wearing a Reformation dress and my go-to second-hand

Tory Burch handbag.

Hi! I'm Erin, and I am 22 years old. What I lack in age, I make up in experience: a stylist for three years, a photographer for five, and a painter practically since birth! I specialize in bringing confidence to my clients through the arts.


I have always been a fashionista. At age three, I was already requesting that my mother dress me in pink. When I turned 16, no one was surprised when I booked my first job as a stylist at a local women's clothing store where I ran shopping parties and fundraisers for women and charitable organizations in the community. My love of fashion continued to grow after studying abroad in Milan, Italy, and working as a Campus Representative for Rent The Runway. I love fashion not for the price tag or the Instagram photo, but for how it makes me feel: confident!


In 8th grade, I begged my parents for a camera. Being lawyers, they requested that I draft a contract to show how I will behave in exchange for a Nikon D5200 camera. To receive the said camera, I was to read a few books, attend summer dance classes, and offer some of my hard-earned babysitting money. After I finally earned my camera, I spent every weekend taking photos of my friends (for Instagram - duh!). I soon realized how much I loved taking portraits. During my junior and senior years of high school and every summer that followed, I took senior portraits of friends, family, and eventually strangers. I enjoy taking portraits of people because it has allowed me to make people feel beautiful in a way they haven't thoughts about themselves before. 


Having drawn and painted for most of my life, I decided to try my hand at printmaking during my first semester of college. One day in the studio, while wearing my favorite sweatshirt, a large glob of bright orange paint fell onto my sleeve. I tried everything to get the stain out: a little soap and water, two Tide to Go sticks, and several bottles of stain remover. Nothing worked! In a last-ditch effort to save my sweatshirt, I painted some stars around the cuffs of my sweatshirt, covering the stain and adding a trendy flair. When I sent a photo of my sweatshirt to some friends, they begged me to paint their sweatshirts in the same way. That's when I knew this could be a business. The summer after my freshman year of college, I started a business called "e.xclusively" where I painted over 115 custom pieces, including denim and leather jackets, wedding jackets, handbags, and even a bandana for a dog. e.xclusively has now evolved into With Erin Libby to showcase all of my abilities and offerings. 



I'm not just a personal stylist or a freelance photographer or an artist. I'm all three - and more! As an entrepreneur, my business is about who I am, what I represent, and how I can offer confidence to my clients.

If you've gotten this far - I applaud you. Now you know my story! I've worked with over 100 clients, and I want you to be the next. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started.

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