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Maximize your current wardrobe and identify your true styling needs 


With personal styling, we will make your wardrobe feel fresh again. Based on your lifestyle, we will pair and style your clothes in creative ways to make you feel chic and confident. I will also document all of your new looks so they are easy to recreate. I'll also suggest a few staple pieces that would fit into your wardrobe. Getting dressed and feeling good has never felt so easy!


It's time to refresh. Together, we will give your closet the update that it needs. Guiding you through my closet clean-out process, I will help you A) organize your wardrobe to fit your lifestyle needs, B) remove items that no longer suit you, and C) identify gaps in your closet that you may want to fill. If cleaning out your closet feels like an annoying or overwhelming task, let me help. 


You need a shopping partner to ask all of the guide your towards an absolute "yes: or a definite "no". After discussing your style goals, we will identify new pieces for your lifestyle whether that be working in the office, nights out, traveling, or even running errands. Whether you would rather have a virtual lookbook or shop in person, let's find clothes that fit and make you feel good!

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