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1. so... how does this work?

Great question. First, head over to the place an order page and fill out the order form. This is the best way for me to keep track of your order and contact you. Within 24 hours, I will reach out to you so we can discuss your idea and the timeline of your custom piece. I will ask you to gather some inspiration or ideas you may have and send them to me. After that, I will ask you to send me the piece you want to be painted. When I have received your piece, I will request payment. Within the following 4 weeks, I will paint your custom piece. Lastly, I will send it to you (free shipping-score!). Don't forget to send me some photos of you in your new custom piece for the 'gram!

2. will you provide the garment I want to be customized?

I will not provide any pieces such as jackets, jeans, handbags, etc. to be painted for two reasons. First, I want to ensure that your custom piece fits you. If I were to provide that item, that would not be guaranteed. Plus, there are no returns of custom pieces. Can you imagine paying for a custom piece only to have it be too small or way too big? As if! Second, chances are, there is a denim jacket or handbag in your closet that needs new life. When possible, I encourage you to practice sustainability and provide something you already own to be painted. This extends the life of your closet.

No, you cannot return a custom piece. I will check in with you often throughout the designing and painting process to make sure your custom piece is as perfect as can be for you. (AKA this won't be an issue!)

4. can I wash my custom piece?

3. can I return my custom piece?

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: treat your custom piece like the true work of art that it is. I would hope that you wouldn't throw a piece of art in the washing machine all crumpled up and stuff it in the dryer. Whenever possible, hand wash your piece with cold water or spot clean it. Always hang your custom piece to dry. The better you take care of your custom piece, the better it will stand the test of time. 

5. what should I get painted on my custom piece?

This may be the only thing I can't directly answer for you, but I can certainly help. If you looking for inspiration, Pinterest and Instagram will be your new best friends. I have Pinterest boards full of inspiration for you to scroll through, and I always post my new, painted pieces on Instagram. Additionally, don't by shy! Send me an email or an Instagram DM. I am here to help you design a custom piece that fits your style. 

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